Off the Grid Cabin

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Project Details

  • Client:

    Town of Golden

  • Date:

    Late Fall 2017

  • Status:


  • Duration:

    6 Months

  • Engineer:

    Guys from Canmore

This small off the grid cabin in the woods comprised wood from an old Quebec barn that the owner had purchased long ago and hoped one day to use in his dream cabin.

He bought the barn, dissembled it and had it transported to BC for that time to come.  With the roof and walls in place our team skillfully handcut and fit the old barnwood timbers onsite.  One side of each beam had to be resurfaced so the drywall could be slid between the roof trusses and the barnwood beams.  In the true spirit of reclaiming and upcycling the offcuts were used as a feature wall.