Golden Timberframe Pedestrian Bridge

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Project Details

  • Client:

    Town of Golden

  • Date:

    Late Fall 2017

  • Status:


  • Duration:

    6 Months

  • Engineer:

    ISL Engineering

The beautiful timberframe pedestrian bridge in Golden was constructed in 2001 by the Timber Framer’s Guild of North America.

In 2016, an engineering assessment revealed rot within the supporting timbers at each abutment. We were appointed General Contractor for the repair in 2017.

Working with Environmental and Fisheries regulations and in co-ordination with the Town of Golden’s pedestrian user timeframe, we oversaw the construction of temporary access ramps and working platforms on the river banks to facilitate the repair project. The ends of the bridge were supported on these temporary foundations. We were required to lift the 47.m bridge, remove the rotten timbers, replace them with new timbers and additional metal splice plates and lower the bridge back into place. The earthwork and intricate lifting operations were carried out by Jackson Contracting & Excavating of Golden.

To comply with environmental and fisheries regulations, the temporary ramps and foundation work had to be completed by end of August. By mid-December, the timbers had been replaced, the bridge was re-secured , and the bridge deck replaced. At this time the access ramps were removed and the dykes restored.

Further repairs included new snow stops and eaves troughs on the roof to ensure the bridge ends are better protected from future water damage. The addition of siding along the outside of the bridge railing completed the repair and will help protect the lower structural members against weather.