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Project Details

  • Client:


  • Date:

    19 Apr 2017

  • Status:


  • Duration:

    10 Weeks

  • Materials Used:

    100% solid wood DLT

The client had a small garden space and the need for a self contained office / studio space.

We designed and built this 140 sqft studio using 100% solid wood DLT (dowel laminated timber).  Stacked DLT was used for the ceiling/ roof structure and Cross-Laminated DLT for the walls.

All wall and ceiling / roof panels were prefabricated in our shop with all mechanical, electrical and construction details considered prior to commencing work. We shipped the panels to site and they were raised with less than 2 hours crane time. All interior surfaces are pre-finished which speeds up construction and reduces on site labour.

The use of natural materials was of the essence on this project. 100% solid wood DLT means no off-gassing from glue or other chemicals resulting in an unprecedented clean air climate and calming effects. The solid wood shell stores the heat and this studio has minimal heating costs.