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    Mierau Contractors

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    Unison Architecture

The Switzmalph Childcare Centre with a 100% wood DLT overhang for the Neskonlith Indian Band combines preschool, daycare and afterschool care services into one location for the residents of Salmon Arm and surrounding bands.

The childcare spaces maintain a connection to the outside environment by creating open and bright play spaces for the children.  The location of the playground takes advantage of the naturally sloping topography, mirrored in the unusual folded sloping shed roof with round perimeter.

The 3600 sq ft building is round/multi-faceted with a post and beam roof overhang which was where our involvement was focused.  Inspired by Radium Community Centre and its use of DLT we designed in integrated system using local wood species: structural cedar log posts, douglas fir beams and spruce, pine and fir for the 100% wood DLT overhang.  The use of 100% wood DLT allowed us to have something both structural and visually appealing.  Less expensive than a traditional i-joist and T&G option, we manufactured 4ft x 12ft DLT panels in our facility which proved simple and less labour intensive for the contractor to install.