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Timber beams installation in Canmore

It’s always an exciting day when it comes to the timber frame installation.  Finally after weeks and months of design, co-ordination, planning, cutting and preparing, the owner gets to see their home come to life.

Does your crew have expertise?

Timber frame installation (or as we call it, the raising) can be a significant part of your budget depending on the size of your building.  We want to reassure you that using skilled timber framers, a team with wood and timber expertise will mean a much speedier raising and save you money in the long run.  Timber framing and carpentry are similar, but not the same.  It takes years of practical experience and real skill to understand heavy timber and how it moves, how it needs to be cut and how to install / raise.  Structural understanding is essential.  Make sure your timber framer has genuine timber framing skills and experience.  International Timberframes was founded by a Swiss Master timber framer who has over 35 years experience and has offered advice and expertise all over the world.  Here are all the ways in which using craftsmen, such as the crew at International Timberframes, is a wise decision.

timberfame house installation in alberta

Safety training, equipment and insurances

All of the team at International Timberframes undertake their regular safety training as mandated in Canada by each Province.  We are covered by all WCB provincial regulations and are fully insured to install heavy timber structures.  Used to working at height, yet fully conscious of the need for safety equipment, we come prepared for all installation scenarios.  Our team has  scaffolding, harnesses and ropes and are fully trained in their use.


On-site adjustments

If any on-site adjustments are required, our crew of craftsmen can hand-cut to new dimensions ensuring a quality fit and finish. Sometimes we work on projects where a client has bought a frame cut several years ago and is only now deciding to raise.  Over the years wood will have dried out and perhaps twisted, shrunk or moved.  In these instances immediate on-the-job adjustments are required using hand tools and wood expertise.  At International Timberframes we hand-cut all our frames because keeping the craft alive is a fundamental part of our company philosophy.  Unless beams and posts are too short we can fix everything immediately on site to ensure an immaculate alignment of joints.

skilled timberframing team installing a timber frame house

Wood connectors

Whilst many wood connections in a true timber frame are mortice and tenon joints, many structural connections require the use of wood screws.  During installation costs can be cut by using cheap and poor quality connectors and screws.  We only use high quality connectors, post bases, wood to wood connectors and non-corroding screws from Pitzl and Heco. In some instances using the right fasteners has been proven to be up to 30% less labour intensive.  The revolutionary point and shank geometry makes work quick and easy. With no preliminary drilling or countersinking required, there is less risk of cracking, regardless of whether you are working with soft timber or hard, high-grade timber.


Accurate time estimate

As a result of years of experience, the team at International Timberframes are able to give you a pretty accurate estimate up front on the time and cost of the raising.  Things may change, weather may not co-operate, but you and your budget can be reassured when you are working with a team who let you know upfront how long things will take.


Expert choreography and co-ordination

Many clients tell us of the joy watching our skilled crew work efficiently and professionally to fit the pieces together in minimal time.  It almost looks like a choreographed set piece. Our project management skills and desire to work as efficiently as possible for you mean we are always planning how to minimize expensive crane time for example.

Wood experts installing timber frame

Knowledge of the frame

If we have designed, cut and prepared your timber frame we guarantee you will save time and money using us to raise it for you. The same crew who install are those who worked in the shop on the cutting and preparing of every piece of timber.  They know where each piece fits and how.  On paper you can hire a less expensive crew to raise but they will take longer and if you’re paying by the hour and have heavy craning equipment rented by the hour waiting for use then it can get costly. 

Anticipate challenges

The other skill that years of experience provides is a knowledge bank of what challenges might arise when and how to deal with them quickly and effectively. 


We’d love to hear from you

If you have a frame that needs to be raised or any timber frame installation questions please get in touch with us.  We love working on a variety of projects, big, small, inside or outside. We’d love to hear from you.