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Timber framing expertise ultimately depends on great design, quality wood, precise cutting and installation by timber framing experts. 

At International Timberframes we can provide all of the above. 

In addition though we use a few essential products in timber framing.  These are trusted and innovative developments in the timber frame industry meaning faster installation, tighter fits, protection for and less damage to the timbers.

We are happy to share a few of our secrets below.  If you want to read more about installation services from International Timberframes you can read more by clicking here.

Installation Tools 

Beam Puller / Ratchet

When you need to pull beams, panels or wood together for a super tight fit you need something that holds the pieces in place securely until screwed with timber fasteners.   This has fast become one of our most essential products in timber framing.

Beam Puller

The Pitzl beam puller ratchet is one of our favourite tools.  Previously you needed to use a tool with hooks and clamps.  The hooks would be hammered into the beams or posts to secure them (and no one was ever 100% sure that it really was a secure hold).  The damage to the beams was significant.


The Pitzl beam puller ratchet has a super simple set up for gentle and precise pulls, but has a pull power of more than 2 tonnes. It is much easier to use than the old-style hooks and clamps.  It can be used in awkward places because the screw face-plates can be turned for multi-angle fastening. You lay the turn adaptor on the wood pieces and screw them in place with a good quality screw.  With perfect stability you can use the rubber handled ratchet to tighten the joins.  The holes made are tiny and can be easily filled and hidden if on a visible facing post or beam.  We always use Heco screws in our timber framing projects.

Heco screws



Timber Screws and Connectors

Heco screws

Known as the “wood screw for the professional”, experts in the timber construction sector value the advantages of HECO-TOPIX screws. They are specially designed for a wide range of applications in professional timber construction work, such as staircase construction and interior finishing, structural and general timber construction work, decking screws as well as on-rafter insulation and facade attachment.

Installation with HECO-TOPIX fasteners has been proven to be up to 30% less labour-intensive.  Rightly so Heco have become essential products in timber framing.  

The revolutionary point and shank geometry makes work quick and easy: just position the screw and drive it home. With no pre- drilling or countersinking required, so long as you respect required end & edge distances, there is less risk of cracking. Regardless of whether you are working with soft timber or hard, high-grade timber we have come to completely rely on HECO-TOPIX on all our projects.

The HECO-TOPIX family includes a wide range of lengths and diameters of partially threaded, fully threaded, flange head, countersunk and stainless steel options.  Read more about these great essential products here. 


Heco Unix screws

HECO-UNIX is a fully threaded screw with contraction effect. Thanks to a variable thread pitch wooden components are pulled together as the screws are driven in. This permits the use of fully threaded screws without jigging the components together. We’ve been able to install much more quickly. Components are fixed in place axially due to the full thread, preventing the negative effects of creeping and shrinking by wood when using part-thread screws. Panels are completely secured even before the head is countersunk leading to a neater finish. Deep countersinking is not necessary.


Pitzl Post Base connectors

Timber framing Post bases

Pitzl is a German manufacturer of timber construction connectors constantly innovating in the areas of wood-wood, wood-concrete and wood-steel connections. We love their post base and dove-tail connectors and although we’ve tried other brands we always come back to Pitzl.  Pitzl post bases are one of our most essential products in timber framing installations.

To fasten load bearing pillars and posts nothing compares to Pitzl post bases.  There is a range of bases for different load bearing capacities. They have a patented hot-tip galvanized coating for corrosion protection in outdoor or exposed situations.  For more information please click here

pitzl post baseessential products post base







Timber Protective Membranes

Siga Wetguard

A much welcome product we have discovered is Siga Wetguard 200SA.  These protective membranes have very quickly become one of our most essential products in timber framing installation and timber delivery.  It’s a self-adhering semi-impermeable, robust and non-slippery membrane protecting mass timber elements from moisture during construction.  Siga is a Swiss company who manufactures a great range of membranes and adhesive tapes for use in exterior and interior stud wall, mass wall, foundation and floor, window and door, open joint cladding and mass timber.

essential products in timber framing

The Wetguard is rainproof, abrasion-resistant, transparent and has an anti-slip coating to keep people safe while walking across wet surfaces.  It definitely improves safety, reduces construction damage, and helps improve work accuracy.  We sometimes apply the self-adhesive membrane to timbers in our shop for added protection during transport.  For details of the full range, read here.