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There are several things that are enduringly important to us at ITF.

Artistry, skills, care, a human touch: we don’t just talk them and believe them, we try to live them.


craftsmanship installation teamKeeping the timber frame craft alive is a fundamental value of our business – traditional craftsmanship is something we are intensely proud of at International Timberframes.  In a world of CNC cutting machines you can stick a piece of wood in one end and have a cut piece come out the other side, but where is the craftsmanship in that?

The immaculate alignment of joints, the precise cutting of notches and careful finishing of beautiful timbers – the human touch applied to preparing and displaying the best of each and every timber is where our renowned expertise comes to life.

Quality control ensures every stage of the process is of superior standard.  For each of our clients, the result is a truly custom, bespoke timber frame made to unrivalled standards.

Every timber frame product we make is made to measure and built to individual specification.  Every beam, post, stair, rail is hand-cut, hand-assembled, hand finished. The results look stunning for generations to come.

Everything is more beautiful when it’s made with heart, made with joy, honour and respect.

However in addition to craftsmanship and authenticity we love originality.

Authenticity and originality. Innovation with tradition

Whilst the skills of craftsmanship set us apart, we happily marry these skills with the best of modern technology. Authenticity we demonstrate by making our timber frame in the traditional way.  For originality we rely not only on the creativity of our skilled craftsman and designers, but of course on technology. We are happy to embrace technology and to combine tradition with new technology.

We really don’t think it’s an ‘either / or’, there is no craftsmanship versus technology – they work together. Beautifully crafted products are useless if they don’t work. We need technology to understand engineering loads.  We need technology to precisely measure so our timber framers can apply the human touch to the cutting and preparing.

handcut timberframe family home construction

We don’t use technology to replace craftsmanship – our craftsmanship works with and comes from the technology of today.  We are always looking at how we can use technology to make our hand-crafted timber frames even better.

Our approach from design to installation combines the best of modern construction and design technology with time-honoured timber framing craftsmanship.

CAD modelingDesign technology is something we make great use of -with our sophisticated CAD software we can quickly show clients realistic digital renderings of how the end result will look. In this way technology helps support and endorse more handcrafted work  as custom creations become more appealing to people.

We are artists, but realistic ones – not living in isolation from the modern, tech-driven world.

Our CAD software also allows us to import Architects files and interpret how and where timber frame, both structural and decorative, will be incorporated, in what volume and therefore what cost.

Construction technology is an area we have embraced.  Accuracy in installation is only possible if there has been 100% accuracy at measurement and planning stages.  We were the first timber framer in Canada to use a Leica Builder.

Our Leica builder ensures absolute precision in measurements, imported to our CAD programme.

The cutting, sanding, finishing, fitting and assembly however are all the result of craftsmanship.
timberframer working hands

We really do live craftsmanship and technology together in harmony.