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wood100 cross laminated DLT
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Wood is an Organic Material: Like a human lung, wood has an incredibly fine cellular system, consisting of thin membranes and intercellular spaces. 

beautiful covered timber deck
  • International Timber Frames

There are several things that are enduringly important to us at ITF. Artistry, skills, care, a human touch: we don’t just talk them and believe them, we try to live them.

sustainable green forest
  • International Timber Frames

A green building material: We love wood and the basics at the heart of timber framing. In our modern world with its bewildering array of artificial products, wood is the real thing.

modern timberframe home
  • International Timber Frames

Residential Category: We are excited to share that this modern mountain style, 3 bedroom, 3100 sq ft primary residence - Tall Timbers - has won an award!

dlt mass timber building
  • International Timber Frames

Wood100 Project: At International Timberframes we design, manufacture and install a 100% Wood Dowel Laminated Timber product called Wood100 DLT. 

expert master timberframer
  • International Timber Frames

Always Compare Like-for-Like! Of course we want you to choose us as your timberframe supplier but we’d like you to be confident in your decision. There are so many factors to consider...

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