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steel tie rod truss
  • International Timber Frames

Combining materials like timber and steel is a clever way to achieve desired looks but also desired performance. Read on to learn more...

timber in biophilia
  • International Timber Frames

We have an increasing knowledge of the negative health effects of environmental toxins. We’ve also had almost 2 years of Covid restrictions.  

essential timber framing tools
  • International Timber Frames

Timber framing expertise ultimately depends on great design, quality wood, precise cutting and installation by timber framing experts. 

open tread modern wood design timber stairs
  • International Timber Frames

Without doubt stairs can be a focal point in any home. So it’s worth spending time to make sure you get exactly what’s right for your style, budget and the physical space...

sustainable house
  • International Timber Frames

If you care about energy efficiency, health and sustainability then our 100% wood dowel laminated timber, DLT, could be ideal for your residential or small business project.

Timber beams installation in Canmore
  • International Timber Frames

It’s always an exciting day when it comes to the timber frame installation.  Finally after weeks and months of design, co-ordination, planning, cutting and preparing,

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