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A Swiss Master Timberframer since 1986, Sigi Liebmann founded International Timberframes in Golden, BC in 2003.

His business is dedicated to hand-cutting timbers in the traditional way alongside using state of the art design technology – making for a combination of traditional skills and mastery with a modern style and approach.

International Timberframes projects range from full timber-frame packages for homes, decorative beams and brackets, stairs, mantelpieces, decks, gazebos and a range of specialty furniture items to complement your home. A small team of highly skilled fully qualified timberframers works at International Timberframes, ensuring care, pride and consistency in work. Using BC timbers and free of heart wood, the work can range from traditional to the utmost in contemporary in style.

Authentic Craftsmanship

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While we use modern timber frame homes design technology, we still hand-cut all our wood. We are passionate about keeping the traditions of the timberframing craft alive. You are purchasing something truly unique and authentic.

Timeless Style and Quality

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Whether your style is rustic, traditional, classic, modern or contemporary, we can provide materials and designs necessary to achieve the timber frame look you envision.

Advanced Expertise

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Our CAD programs allow you to visualise the final product and our hi-tech surveying Leica Builder Total Station transfers points measured on site into the 3D modelling programs.

Featured Projects

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We have a dedicated team


International Timberframe was founded by a Swiss Master timberframer who has over 30 years experience and has offered advice and expertise all over the world.

Design & Planning

We design everything on a CAD model which allows us to show you 3D visuals of what the construction will look like.

Site Measure

We hand-cut the timber to precise measurements prior to delivering to the job site. This results in a speedy and accurate installation, and a superior end result.

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Wood Quality

Quality of wood used will play a huge part in the timberframe look, price and change over time. We like to use free of heart wood and wood that is kiln dried.

Hand Cutting

At International Timberframes our values are rooted in keeping the traditional craft of hand-cutting alive.